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Covid 19 Policy & Treatments Currently Available.

Beauty treatments are not an essential service, they are a luxury we allow ourselves to receive and I have taken this into account when producing this policy which includes a lot of essential adjustments from my insurance company and also recommendations from the government and the British Beauty Council as well as some of my own personal choices. The government document outlines that when social distancing cannot be met, businesses should consider whether that activity needs to continue; so with this in mind I will be altering and reducing my treatment list until further notice to help reduce the time that I am in your home and lower the risk of transmission. From the 1st August treatments on the face will be allowed. I will be offering reduced days and reduced opening times until further notice.

Things you need to do:

• Before any treatments you must fill in a covid-19 consultation form for track and trace.

• Please provide me a place to wash my hands prior to and after treatments, you will be invited to wash your hands with me.

• If you or anyone within the household has any symptoms or been ill in the last 14 days however mild please reschedule your appointment and let me know as soon as possible. Symptoms include: - high temperature/fever, new continuous cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache or loss or change to sense of smell or taste.

• No jewellery or watches on areas that are being treated, please remove this before I arrive. Please also avoid using your mobile phone/devices during treatment too.

• I require a clear clean working area preferably downstairs free from personal belongings. E.g. a clear table/worktop to place a wax pot free from household belongings or personal belongings.

• Good ventilation is required by keeping windows and doors open if possible and if appropriate I can perform some treatments in the garden for those who have asked or requested this as an option.

• No mask – No Treatment. Clients must wear a face mask that cover the bridge of the nose to below your chin, to keep costs down and avoid price increases I have a limited supply of masks I can provide but request you use your own where possible.

• Vulnerable clients (Clinically extremely vulnerable: People will have received a letter telling them they are in this group, or will have been told by their GP. Clinically vulnerable people: people include those aged 70 or over and those with some underlying health conditions, all members of this group are listed on the government website) will not be allowed treatments until guidance on shielding or restriction on them maintaining unnecessary contact changes. Currently due to change on the 1st August. Further information can be found here.

• Please provide your own towels where possible, any towels I use will of course be thoroughly washed at a high temperature and used on one client only.

• Where possible 2 metre distances must be kept and 1 metre with precautions when this cannot be met. Distancing is achievable with certain treatments for example pedicures.

• Maximum of ONE client in a room at a time, any other household members must leave the room and swap with each other if they are having treatments too. Other people within the household must maintain social distancing with myself and where possible and must not be present in the same room I am providing treatments in. No children present during treatment where possible, they must be in another room or compliant with social distancing measures of 2 metres.

• Bank transfer is the preferred payment method; if you are unable to do online banking I can take cash but please make sure you have the correct money in an envelope.

• Please note for Standard Pedicures there will be no foot soaking to reduce equipment and time. Hard skin removal will be included. Please feel free to soak your own feet before I arrive or if you have your own foot spa - I am happy to use this during the treatments.

Things I will be doing

• Treatment time is recommended to be reduced to as short as possible, as such, treatment times with you will be limited to 1 hour and no longer, treatments will be altered to fit these limits.

• I will be wearing a visor, gloves and apron and for some treatments I will also be wearing a mask. If possible please provide a space within your property or garden where I can leave my shoes on to perform the treatment or I can wear shoe covers.

• Face to face treatments are considered to be in the “highest risk zone” (defined as the area in front of the face where splashes and droplets from the nose and mouth, that may not be visible, can be present and pose a hazard to the client and myself) so once again as advised by the government these treatments should not resume unless they can be adapted in line with guidelines to make them safe, so until further notice I will be not be performing certain treatments. I will be performing treatments from behind or from the side.

• I will be bringing as little equipment as possible into your homes; I will not be bringing the couch in for all treatments and may require you to provide a chair for you to sit on. The reason for this is safety. Because I am mobile I want to make sure all equipment is cleaned and sanitised properly which can be difficult on the road so the less equipment the better.

• The area I have asked for you to provide for my equipment will be wiped down by me before I begin using the area and will be covered by a wipe-able sheet, please do not be offended by this.

• I will be bringing hand wash and sanitizer with me to wash my hands; you will be invited to wash your hands with me before & after treatments.

• All my equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised as always between clients including surfaces of couches and bags or any items I bring into your home.

• Nail files will now be single use (previously they were washed and sanitized) and given to each client to keep for the next appointment please take care of them or additional files will be 50p each.

• I will not be accepting any offer of drinks within your home to help avoid the use of the facilities as much as possible, if I do have to use the facilities I will bring the appropriate cleaning equipment with me to ensure it is safe to use after me.

In summary the covid 19 pandemic is a public health emergency, I am taking every step possible to keep you and myself safe, the guidelines I am following are to maintain social distancing where we can of 2 metres and 1 metre plus if 2 metres is not possible, avoid person to person contact, where distancing cannot be met I have to consider if the work I perform is essential and can I make it safer with PPE, increased hand washing & sanitising, keeping treatment times to a minimum and avoiding face to face contact/treatments.

Produced using the government guidelines (link below) dated 17th July 2020, their document will be updated with relevant changes meaning my measures can and likely will change without notice.

Treatments available

Currently no facial treatments are allowed until the 1st August when this list will be updated.


All waxing available except any waxing on the facial area.

Spray tanning

As usual.

Hands & Feet

File and paint of fingers

File and paint of toes.

Express Manicure.

Express Pedicure.

Standard Manicure.

Standard Pedicure – There will be no foot soaking to reduce equipment and time. Hard skin removal will be included. Please feel free to soak your own feet before I arrive or, if you have your own foot spa I am happy to use this during the treatments.


Express Manicure.

Express Pedicure.

Standard Manicure.

Standard Pedicure but there will be no foot soaking to reduce equipment within the home and treatment times, hard skin removal will be included.

No shellac nail art available to reduce treatment times.

Shellac removal as usual.

Swedish massage

30 or 45 mins back neck and shoulder massage. No facial or massage from above the face i.e. no lying on your back.

Hot stones

30 or 45 mins back neck and shoulder. No facial or massage from above the face i.e. no lying on your back.

No pamper parties at present.

Updated Booking Terms

Holiday Dates For 2020

During these time please email, text or call and I will do my best to get you booked in for my return. If you require appointments before I go, I can get very booked up so please try and be organized as I hate to let people down.

3rd September 2020 returning to work 22nd September 2020